Earring lace - put your earrings in their place!

Hi, I'm Amy, owner of Ideas By Amy. Thanks so much for visiting us!

I started sewing these earring holders for my own use about 30 years ago, because there was nothing on the market that holds a LOT of earrings in a small space and doesn't clutter up my dresser.

My bedroom and my earrings A few years ago when my two daughters got their ears pierced and we were shopping for earring organizers for them, I realized that, while there were scads of cute monkey- or flower-shaped holders for little girls, there was no good solution for grown-up girls-at-heart that had collected many pairs of valuable earrings. That's when I decided to launch my company, Ideas By Amy, LLC. Since then I've heard from LOTS of happy women who are so glad to straighten up their mess and "put their earrings in their place!"

I sincerely hope you will enjoy using this earring holder as much as I have!


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