Earring Lace - put your earrings in their place!

"Great solution to a big problem! It's a good feeling to get organized. Thanks, Amy!" [Jacquelyn - etsy customer]
"I think you've come up with a really neat idea. Not only does it unclutter your jewelry box and make your earrings easy to find but it does this without taking up any room on your bureau. I bought one for my sister and myself. I wish you the best of luck in your business." [eBay customer]
"A VERY cool, cute and clever idea Amy. Now why didn't I think of that?" [Kathryn - website customer]
"This shipped very quickly and is already wonderful for organizing my earrings. I love how lovely they all look displayed together. Highly recommended. " [Carrie - etsy customer]
"Amy...I had to write and tell you this. I have been looking for just the right earring holder for ..years! Held off buying one, didn't like any of them...earrings stacking up...tiny boxes coming out my ears and half hardly, if ever, worn. Because...I could not see them. Then...not much to do ...and I decided to ..just look..and what do I see?? Your adorable idea. Sure..I could go buy some of the same stuff..buy a ring..whatever...but why go to all that trouble when you have already done the work and I can buy yours. Toooo darned cute!!!" [Mona - website customer]
"One of the best investment of my life! I will surely buy again! Thanks!" [ebay customer]
"This was perfect for my daughter's many, many earrings. Thank you!" [Sandra - ebay customer]